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Welcome to SCQC's homepage.

SCQC has developed since 1994 and proud to be as grown as today. SCQC has made its best efforts to be a home of professional inspectors, engineers and project managers where professionalism in construction quality and and project management has met to create the sustainable and most moral construction consulting services for the Clients and Allies.

SCQC always commits to deliver responsible and high quality consulting services for a satisfaction of the Clients' needs and wants. SCQC's goal is to be a leader in our fields in Southern Vietnam and the nation.

SCQC is proud to be along with all Clients and Allies in any of their project development steps with the professional goals as "Credithorthiness, Quality and Creativity".

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With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Innovation" and engineering staff are experienced, SCQC has participated in many projects and foreign investment in the country in areas of neighboring provinces and Ho Chi Minh City
Service groups can mostly SCQC include providing consulting services such as investment in construction project pre-feasibility and feasibility, engineering design and total cost of setting up project implementation, to evaluation survey design and cost estimates ...
SCQC is ready to supply consulting services in project development, management and engineering which are suitable and effective for all type of building and construction services. All our activities and attentions are aimed at defining the clients' demands
SCQC's services such as design review, project management, construction management, QA/QC have been delivered for variety of projects in Hochiminh city and neighbour provinces. Momentous projects are Indochine apartment, An Phu Anh Khanh apartment, Avalon, Riverside Hotel
SCQC has more than 210 staff holding honour degrees such as professors, PhD, MSc, ME, BSc, BE and BA working at 13 divisions located at 3 offices as follows: Headquarter : 25 Phạm Ngọc Thạch street District 3, Hochiminh city, Viet Nam
Address: 25 Pham Ngoc Thach street, District 3, Hochiminh city, Viet Nam
Tel: +848.38230544/38230502
Fax: +848-38230502
Email: sales@scqc.com
Web: www.scqc.com

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